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Name : Elly

Comments : I want to wish all you Karaoke singers, On lookers and sympathizers a Happy New Year to you and your family We wish you Health, Wealth and Happiness Cheers Elly G and Paul Sterling


Name : Elly

Comments : So far through to comp is Broderick, Mason, May and Shane. Well done people. It's shaping up to be a great competition with singers that are more outstanding then ever before. I hope Paul and I get to be a part of it.


Name : Elly

Comments : The judges for the BLS Comp were 2 musicians from the group Old 55 well know by there songs  'On The Prowl' and 'Looking For An Echo' being 2 of there biggest hits. They had  the difficult task of picking 3 winners out of 10 contestants. Did they pick the right 3 there is plenty of debate about that, as there always is at Karaoke Finals. Lady luck was on those that won on the night it was a great night had by all. I want to say thanks to all those that came a supported there singers, it is always nice to have someone cheer you on the night. Looking forward to the next one......Cheers Elly G


Name: Geoff

Comment: Went down to watch the Final at Brighton RSL and had a great day, Hard for the Judges to pick...but how good was that Mason!


Name: Sue

Comment: A Great day at Brighton Le Sands RSL for the Karaoke Grand Final, Lots of good singers and plenty of people dancing and enjoying themselves. Thanks to the Guys running the show for doing a great Job as usual.


Name : Broderick

Comments : Great professional work and continuety



Comments : Thanks for a great Sunday Afternoon look forward to being part of a Great time Yours. Donnybaby


 Name : Brett

Comment : Best Karaoke Ever.... I have sung at many Venues Run by Francis.Many,Many Awesome Memories.Absolutely second to None.Brett,Port Macquarie



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